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Why Stack Talent ?

You want to work in the Blockchain world? You have a tech, sales or marketing profile and are looking to join this universe?

We work with the most influential companies in the Blockchain universe, on several themes: Metaverse, Gaming, infrastructure security, Cryptography, NFT, Marketplace, DeFi…

Our business experts will help you save time in your research, refine your career plan and especially offer you the best deals according to your expectations and desires.

Our areas of expertise

Metaverse Gaming

The Metaverse is described as the Internet of tomorrow. Companies are investing heavily in this technology, which will change our daily lives, starting with the video game industry.

New jobs are being created every day, and there are tens of millions of users.

Stack Talent is already working with the most influential players in this new industry in order to find the job that best suits your needs.

Our areas of expertise

R&D | Securisation infrastructures

The rise of the Blockchain obviously poses new challenges in terms of cybersecurity.

Whether in the crypto, NFTs or Metaverse world, companies need the most efficient profiles to support them in their R&D strategies and in securing their infrastructures.

Stack Talent puts you in touch with companies that have needs corresponding to your profile.

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Our areas of expertise

NFT | Marketplace

The NFT market has simply exploded in recent years. Marketplaces already represent tens of billions of euros of decentralized exchanges.

Many players are active in this field and the issues and jobs that arise from it are constantly evolving.

Stack Talent’s partner companies are looking for many profiles that can support them in their growth.

Our areas of expertise

DeFi | CeFi

Whether centralized or decentralized, the Blockchain universe has turned finance upside down.

DeFi and CeFi both have different logics, but pose many challenges, whether logistical, technical or commercial.

Stack Talent can connect you with the most influential companies in both domains, who are constantly looking for the future talents who can accompany them in their missions.

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